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Teen's Perfect Hair Accessories Survey

By Dawn Edmiston - Published: 15 September 2008 13:00


Teen's Perfect Hair Accessories Survey


Welcome to Market Reader Pro®’s Teen Hair Accessories Survey!

Fun Tean surveys product testOur client needs your help to create the Perfect Hair Accessories by taking part in our new Teen Product Testing Study.

By completing this short survey and joining our teen panel, you could be eligible to take part in our latest product testing study.  If you qualify for the follow-up product testing study, we will notify you by email.  Once you have agreed to participate in the product study, we will send you hair accessories valued at $25 (free of charge) to test and provide your feedback on through an online survey.

Remember, your opinions and experiences from in-home study are collected entirely online - NO telemarketers will call and no sales representatives will visit your home.  Your privacy is guaranteed. 

Have fun taking the survey.  We hope to be working with you soon.

Craig D.T. Dahlin
Market Reader Pro® 

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Apparel Success Story

With our Marketing Support Services, we’ve rolled out a website and content management system for Elbeco, a major U.S. apparel / uniform manufacturer.

We’re excited about the way our Advantage 3D®  web animation software has enhanced the photos on Elbeco’s website.

Logo for Advantage3D®: create 3D images, panoramas, animated gif replacement, and slide shows

Take a look and see for yourself at: http://www.elbeco.com/
Another feature of the Elbeco website that we particularly like is the web-based contest "Every Elbeco Uniform Tells a Story."

Logo for Elbeco celebrating 100 years