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Ben Franklin Technology Partners - Northeastern Pennsylvania
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Television / TV Industry Consumer Market Research

Consumer Market Research for the Television / TV
Industry - Audio and Video Market Assessment Services
Survey consumer panel about Television preferences for market research and analysis

Survey consumers about
their TV demands

Market Reader Pro®’s online media testing helps you stay ahead in today’s competitive television industry. At Market Reader Pro®, we understand that television industry professionals are tasked with maintaining and attracting audiences while juggling the latest electronic delivery systems and still meeting the needs of advertisers. Broadcast, satellite, and cable TV are positioning to retain their market share while new electronic delivery systems are fighting for the same market share. Consumers are demanding more portability and flexibility in their TV viewing and more choices for interactive content. DVDs, Pay Per View, Personal Video Recorders, Video on Demand, and MP3s are changing the face of the industry forever. Early adopters are scrambling to satisfy their desire for cell phone TV, TV over IP, IPv6, and wireless TV. At the same time, consumers of home entertainment want bigger, clearer viewing and better sound, touching off demand for HDTV, enhanced definition TV, and surround sound.

Enhance your Success in the Fast-paced TV Industry with Quick and Reliable Market Research
Consumers test audio and video on line and provide feedback

Research how demographic groups drive the TV market

At Market Reader Pro®, our proprietary online survey software combines with our in-house consumer panel to allow you to gather fast, reliable data on what consumers want most in this fast-paced era of home entertainment electronics choices. We have full capability to have consumers test audio and video on line. Additionally, we offer focus groups for when a more qualitative approach is needed. Our consumer panel members can also help you to make critical decisions about advertising, so you will know that you are selling ads that are effective, thereby increasing your revenue from advertisers.

Market research on cell phone TV Viewing trends

Cell phone TV viewing is a trend to stay on top of

Our Consumer Panel Wants you to Know What they Want!

Let us design a custom survey for you, which can help you to successfully address what today’s electronics-savvy consumers want!

  • Get consumer opinions on the latest in home entertainment
  • Who will be the early adopters of TV over IP?
  • Which new TV Channels will succeed?
  • What new interactive TV enhancements will keep most TV viewers tuned in to Broadcast, satellite, and cable TV?
  • TV in your pocket –when cell phones and PDAs become the new TV screens
  • What are the hot features in Portable Entertainment Devices?
  • How can you be sure that your advertising is effective?
Television TV Consumer market research using focus groups, online surveys, and product testing

Focus groups show attitudes toward TV technology

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Consumers report that free samples, coupons, and recommendations from friends are key factors in deciding to try a new product?

Contact us to discuss new product sample distribution and product testing, using word-of-mouth, among consumers.