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Household Products Consumer Market Research

Keeping Abreast of Trends in the Household Industry

Industry leaders in the household products business count on Market Reader Pro® to help them understand what consumers are looking for. Our internal panel keeps us abreast of what defines safety, comfort, and convenience for today’s consumers. And, through review of industry data and secondary research, we stay on top of what is on the cutting edge for manufacturers of household textiles and window coverings, cookware and tableware, large and small appliances, cleaning and storage products, paper and school supplies, seasonal and decorating items, pet supplies, and more.

Household industry market research

Market research ensures successful products and ad campaigns

Increase Your Sales! Contact Us to get a quote on
concept or design testing your household product
before going to full production.
Increase Your Sales! Contact Us to find out consumers’
buying habits for your household product.
How valuable are your consumers’ buying habits?
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Are your products better than your competitors?
We collect consumer data quickly!
Increase Your Profits! Contact Us to help you
successfully build your next household concept.
Increase Your Sales! Contact Us regarding Consumer Market Research for your Household Products.
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Household Products.
How will consumers rate your next product?
Let us tell you!
We collect consumer data quickly!
Increase International Sales! Contact Us regarding Market Research for your
Household Products.
Increase Your Sales! Contact Us regarding Consumer Market Research for your
Household Products.
Let Consumer Insight make Your Next Product a Success!
  • What quality range leads to product success in mass channel retailers?
  • How can the needs of the growing Latin American and Asian household products markets best be met?
  • What marketing message best influences point-of-purchase decisions?
  • How can consumers best be reassured that a product is environmentally friendly?
  • What household products are needed to keep up with demanding Gen Y consumers as they become homeowners?
  • Will your product do best in a large store that provides volume and price competition or a small store that focuses on service?
Consumer buying habits for household products

Know consumer buying habits before you launch a product

Consumer Insight Ensures the Success of New Products

At Market Reader Pro®, we have a long history of success in providing critical consumer insight and analysis to ensure the success of new product launches. Our proprietary online survey software combines with our in-house consumer panel to allow you to gather fast, reliable data on what consumers want most.

At Market Reader Pro®, we offer full service data collection services including online custom surveys, omnibus research, in-home product testing, focus groups, and more. Our unique SIRR™ System allows clients to see consumers using household products in their own homes and delivers consumer interviews to your staff worldwide. We’ve combined our remote SIRR™ System interviews with in-home interviews and online surveys to provide comprehensive consumer insight research to world class clients, including a leading appliance manufacturer. Our Advantage 3D® animation software is a great way to show household products concepts to consumers to get their valuable feedback.

Let our understanding of the Web, the household products industry, and consumer insight work for you!

Household Product Client Testimonial

"I’d like to thank you and your staff for the timely execution and completion of the survey which Market Reader Pro® recently did for Talking Technologies, Inc. My partners and I felt that the staff at Market Reader Pro® was quick to understand our product and our information requirements. We were extremely pleased with the questions that were created for the survey and the follow through with graphs and filtered information.

The information provided by Market Reader Pro® is exactly what we need now to go forward with our project. The Survey Summary Report has already been and will continue be a key document for Talking Technologies, Inc. in raising capital and for the creation of our business plan.

My partners and I all feel that we received great value for the dollars spent on the Market Reader Pro® survey.

Carl Padula, CEO Talking Technologies, Inc.

Market research for household industry

Our services save you time and money while increasing your success

We can help you find out what today’s consumers are looking for in household products! To talk to someone at Market Reader Pro® about which of our custom market research services would best meet your needs, please contact us.


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Qualitative Interviews
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Recently, our SIRR™ Systems were used in a product innovation study for a leading appliance manufacturer. After collecting consumer insight through a one year in-home product test of a kitchen appliance, our client wanted to delve even more deeply into consumers’ habits and attitudes.More…

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