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Marketing Insight for the Food and Beverage Industry

Full Service Market Research for the Food and Beverage Industry

Market Reader Pro®’s Food industry clients include Frito Lay®, Welch’s®, the Campbell’s® Soup Company, and others. We have the unique ability to provide both in-home product testing (Taste Testing) and online surveying to provide our clients with effective, in-depth marketing research. We distribute foods and beverages to consumers on our panel who then fill out online surveys. Using our SIRR™ System, or Simple Internet Remote Reporter, clients can virtually see consumers using their food and beverage products at home. We also provide traditional focus groups, omnibus research, habits and attitudes studies, and more.

Beer, Distilled beverages and Wine Survey Study
Beverage Industry Consumer Market Research

Get insight from the right consumers through online research

Increase Your Sales! Contact Us to get a quote on concept or design testing your food and beverage product before going to full production.
Who is your beverage’s real competitor?
Market Reader Pro® can tell you!
What is it worth to have consumers taste your product?
We collect consumer data quickly!
Who is your food’s real competitor?
Market Reader Pro® can tell you!
Is your product
a luxury or value brand?
Market Reader Pro® can tell you!
What would it be worth to know what consumers find the most memorable about your food or beverage?
We collect consumer data quickly!
What are your consumers’ buying habits?
We collect consumer data quickly!
What do your consumers really think of your product?
Market Reader Pro® can help you!
What are your consumers’ opinions worth?
Contact us today!
Consumer Food and Beverage Trends

Know what drives trends in the food and beverage industry

We Track Industry Trends

At Market Reader Pro®, we stay on top of trends in the industries that we serve. We are experts in consumer insight and know what drives the market in the food and beverage industry. Our consumer panel can help you understand what today’s consumers are looking for in processed meat, poultry, and seafood; dairy and frozen novelties; frozen and prepared meals; cereals and grains; baking and snack foods; supplements and ingredients; candies and confections; and also in the full line of beverages.

  • Will consumers perceive changes in food and beverage processing technology?
  • How should the obesity epidemic impact food and beverage production and packaging?
  • How close to saturation is the market for organics?
  • In consumers’ minds, what constitutes “value-added” in this industry?
  • For which product lines do consumers demand premium brands?
  • What will allay consumer safety concerns about hot issues like trans fats and food borne illnesses?
  • How important are neutraceuticals, supplements, and super foods to your product line?
  • After the aluminum bottle, what new packaging technique will be the next big hit?
  • How should consumer interest in mass channel purchasing influence your point-of-purchase display?
  • How can interactive channels like social networks, mobile marketing, online communities, and electronic catalogues best be leveraged in marketing foods and beverages?
New Product Promotion – Taste Test Party™

Market Reader Pro®’s Taste Test Party™ combines the flexibility of internet-based Web research with a friendly and familiar in-home or in-office setting for group product testing. We perform this service by recruiting “Group Coordinators” who are willing to host a party to try new foods and beverages. Group Coordinators get paid for each respondent who participates. Taste Test Parties™ can serve either to collect data or to promote a new product. The advantages of this service include greater distribution of testing locations as compared to traditional research; reduced shipping costs as compared to individual testings; and, a positive, non-commercial environment in which to sample your products.

Taste Test Parties™ for Food and Beverage Industry

Our unique consumer insight studies include Taste Test Parties™

Our standard Taste Test Party™ design employs sequential monadic home or office study in which up to 50 groups of 10 to 20 participants each test one product. These studies typically consist of three online surveys of up to 30 questions each. The surveys are conducted among members of our international consumer panel. Market Reader Pro® co-designs the surveys with our clients, produces the online surveys, recruits qualified Group Coordinators, handles all shipping and tracking of products, fulfills incentive payment for Group Coordinators, and delivers the final report. Additionally, our SIRR™ System remote interviews can be used for all or some of the groups to film consumers testing and responding to the product.

Collecting Consumer Insight then Putting It to Work!
  • Greater Responses
  • International Reach
  • Competitive Costs

Bottom line: We gather world-wide consumer insight at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional market research, and can deliver actionable data in less than two weeks. With Market Reader Pro®, you can stay in touch with your consumer and ahead of your competition.

To speak with someone at Market Reader Pro® about which of our custom market research services would best meet your needs, please contact us.

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Cosmetics Success Story

Consumer Market Research

The PIAS Group, based in Osaka, Japan, is a major producer of high-quality cosmetics. Upon deciding to expand its product offering into the United States of America, the PIAS Group contracted with Market Reader Pro® for online consumer market research to help them determine how to best launch their first product into the U.S. market.

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