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Industry Segment – Cosmetics and Health and Beauty:

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Worldwide consumer insight market research for cosmetics and health and beauty industries

Worldwide consumer insight is at your fingertips

We have been servicing the marketing research needs of the health and beauty industry since our start. We utilize the Web to collect data directly from a broad range of consumers on their behaviors, perceptions, needs, attitudes, and opinions.

We have an excellent reputation in the health and beauty industry. Many of our clients supply materials and services to the Top Tier cosmetics and health and beauty companies. We have performed extensive research on many different brands. Recently we performed studies for products manufactured by Avon, Clinique, Stetson and Victoria’s Secret to name just a few.

Our clients are primarily international corporations with average annual sales in the billions of dollars, although we also do work with smaller corporations including start-ups. Two thirds of our clients have their headquarters outside the United States. We work with both direct manufacturers and their suppliers. This of course includes working with other marketing agencies and research firms.

See for yourself how we help our clients expand their reach in the cosmetics and health and beauty market:

Market research to find out what influences consumers' purchasing decisions

Find out what influences consumers' purchasing decisions

“You were able to construct a system that, while structured, is also flexible, fast, and economical. As you can see from the increased use of the system in the past year, it has been fully accepted by Givaudan North America (both Consumer Products & Fine Fragrance Marketing teams) and is slowly becoming part of Europe's research tools.”
Roger Elkin Vice President Market Research
Givaudan North America

Direct-to-Consumer Sample Distribution

Are you looking for a way to distribute cosmetics samples? We have a solution. We get your products into the hands of consumers who are interested in using new health and beauty products! For more information see: Sample Distribution...

Companies in the cosmetics and health and beauty industry segment look to Market Reader Pro® for an analysis of the market opportunities within a particular market segment. Take a look at two online studies we performed on behalf of Soap, Perfumery & Cosmetics Magazine

We continually assist our clients by collecting hard evidence that allows their organizations to answer key business questions such as these:

Find out the latest cosmetics trends with consumer market research

What are the latest trends in the cosmetics industry?

In-Home Product Testing

  • "Does our new formulation of hair coloring wash out too quickly?"
  • "Does our new foundation work with clients that have self reported to have dry skin?"

New Product Introductions

  • "What is my risk for introducing an additional cosmeceutical product in this already segmented market?"
  • "Will this cutting-edge formulation be accepted by the mass market, or should I re-position it to a super premium product?"

Concept and Product Testing / Web Surveys

  • “How can we best convince consumers that our anti-aging cosmetics will actually give them results?”
  • “How can we capitalize on the eco-friendly cosmetics trend with our latest line?” 
  • “Which exotic fruits and plants are consumers most eager to try?”
Consumer panelists provide feedback on cosmetics samples

Our consumer panelists can be your best marketing tool

Habits and Attitude Studies

  • "Does my core market segment require the latest breakthrough technology?"
  • "How important is the addition of neutraceuticals to this product line?"
  • "How can I reinvent my old standby product for a younger, hipper generation?"

Virtual Prototype Testing

  • "Which package design is preferred by which demographic group?"
  • "Before I re-tool and switch over to a foaming pump version, how can I acquire measurable feedback from potential consumers?"
  • "Will my prestige product design create a buzz and potentially become a collector's edition?"

Market Reader Pro®, Collecting Consumer Insight and Then Putting It to Work!

  • Greater Responses
  • International Reach
  • Competitive Costs

Bottom line: We gather world-wide consumer insight at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional market research, and can deliver actionable data in less than two weeks. With Market Reader Pro®, you can stay in touch with your consumer and ahead of your competition.

What can we do for you?


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